Town of Strathmore

All Permit Applications to be submitted to the Town of Strathmore as well as all permit fees.  Once the required information is submitted and processed, Building Permit applications along with supporting documentation is forwarded to our team for review and issuance is completed at the Town office.
Plumbing, Gas and Electrical permits are issued at the Town office and forwarded to our team once complete for monitoring and inspections.

How long is your permit good for? Dependent on your scope of work and project-your permit has a timeframe upon which work needs to be completed. This is in accordance with the Town's Quality Management Plan, which sets the framework for when projects need to be inspected and how long the permits can be valid for. This timeframe is noted on your permit. You may receive an extension if needed. This needs to be supplied to our office in writing and noting the additional time you are requesting.

When should you call for an inspection? Your required inspection stage(s) may be found on your permit under “Permit Conditions”. Contact the Town office when you are ready for inspection. The Town office will coordinate with our team to schedule your inspection. We will make contact to confirm access and make any necessary arrangements. You will also note on your permit that work needs to start within 90 days and must continue every 120 days. This is in accordance with the Safety Codes Act, legislated by the province of Alberta. We follow up on all permits issued to ensure this criteria is met and that your project is moving forward and to ensure no vital inspection stages are met. If any scope or needs of your project change, where these timeframes cannot be met, please contact our team to arrange and establish alternate arrangements.

Please feel free to contact our team for any questions or additional details or contact the Town of Strathmore at 403-934-3133.

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Required Documents & Downloads

Below you will all of the PDF checklists, templates, code information and necessary documents for your permitting process.

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