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You can visit Alberta Municipal Affairs website to see a list of current certified installers by visiting Private sewage systems installer certification list - Open Government
Yes. It is illegal for gray water to be drained on surface. The Alberta Standard of Practice sets out performance objectives, design standard, prescriptive solutions and requirements related to on-site wastewater treatment systems. Wastewater is defined as liquid and water carried wastes associated with the use of water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, hygiene, sanitation or other domestic purposes and includes gray water but does not include liquid waste from industrial processes. Gray water is wastewater that does not include waste from toilets or urinals and must be effectively managed and treated in accordance with this standard.
No, a psds permit is not required however a plumbing permit IS required. This type of installation is used to house a pump for flow management or act as a form of wastewater treatment in a plumbing system connecting to the municipal sewer. This is considered to be part of the plumbing system and requires an inspection by a SCO but doesn’t require a psds permit. The Permit Regulation allows a holder of a private sewage installer certificate of competency to obtain a plumbing permit for that portion of the plumbing system located outside of a building and would consider various aspects of the Alberta Private Sewage Standard of Practice such as service access, general system requirements, system controls, piping considerations, sludge and scum accumulation, location etc. See
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