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The Permit Regulation states that homeowners can take out all of their own permits if it is if they reside or intend to reside in the single family dwelling when the associated permits are servicing that dwelling.

Note: The exception would be 3 phase electrical work on your rural property, such as the connection for an irrigation pivot. This would require a master electrician to obtain your permit and complete the installation.
Any non-residential, commercial, public, industrial buildings/projects require certified contractors to obtain the permit for plumbing, gas, electrical and private sewage. (Master Electrician, Journeyman Plumbing or Gasfitter, Certified Private Sewage Installer)
Unless the project is a residential project where the general contractor intends to dwell, no-they may not obtain all associated permits. They may obtain the building permit but do require certified contractors for any associated plumbing, gas (including permits for temporary heat), electrical or private sewage.
All projects must comply with the codes and standards governed by the Province of Alberta. Permits are vital, not only because they are required by law, but they give you access to the expertise and experience of trained and qualified Safety Codes Officers to ensure your project is safe and complies with today's regulations before any costly mistakes are made.

Permits and their corresponding safety inspections help to ensure the safety and functionality of your undertaking and the peace of mind knowing your project has the oversight of our qualified professionals. Permits provide a record that you have done your due diligence to comply with the codes. The permitting system also informs the jurisdiction with the responsibility to administer the Safety Codes Act, that a project is taking place.
When a permit is purchased, the applicant has access to a variety of services. Including but not limited to, code advice and consultation from our knowledgeable staff and expert Safety Codes Officers, permit issuance, plans examinations and site inspections. Identification and follow-up of deficiencies and unsafe conditions, maintenance of files and records, remittance of provincial fees and reports including a final status report.
All equipment or products must be certified for their use with a CSA or other approved marking. Not all equipment or products sold in stores are certified for use in Canada.
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