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The installation of a wood burning stove or fireplace requires a building permit and site inspection, however this is not the same as a WETT inspection. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) Some insurance companies require specifically a WETT Inspection in order to insure the home even if the person has obtained the required permit and compliant site inspection. Professional Installation To achieve maximum performance from a solid fuel burning appliance and to be assured of its safety, you should have the system professionally installed. Seek out people trained in proper installation procedures who are Wood Energy Technical Transfer (WETT) certified. For additional service and safety information, contact: Wood Energy Technical Transfer Inc. at 1-888-358-9388 or visit www.wettinc.ca
A permit is not required for the following:

-Construction that does not exceed $5000 in prevailing market value and if there are no concerns affecting health and safety (Ie: a deck with a rise greater than 24" may be under $5000 value, but does pose a threat to health and safety, therefore does require a building permit)

-Painting, decorating, re-roofing or re-siding if there are no structural changes and if there are no concerns affecting health and safety.
The Alberta Building Code does not apply to farm buildings and therefore do not require a Building Permit. (You may still require a development permit from your Municipality) A farm building is a building that is used for the operation of a farm such as a barn. These would be structures that are used for the storage of hay, animals or machinery only. Out of interest for public safety, if a building is to be used for maintenance or a workshop, it is not considered a 'farm building' and would require a building permit. Any farm building still requires applicable plumbing, gas and electrical permits.
Your garage can be built on a concrete slab providing it does not exceed 55 square meters. For any further clarification, please consult one of our local building inspectors.
Any installation for a private swimming pool, hot tub and spa requires a Building Permit. Fence and gate requirements will then apply, even if it is an above-ground swimming pool. This applies to the installation of a swim spa or hot tub indoors or outdoors. In ground pools will be accompanied by design and engineered specifications for the permit application.
Yes, you must obtain a building permit for any basement development. You must submit plans along with your permit application, showing the floor plan with proposed rooms and existing, the use of each room and dimension, details of any structural changes, locations of smoke alarms, location, size and swing of all doors and window sizes and location. This provides you with the expertise of our Safety Codes Officers through a plans review and onsite inspections to ensure the safety of you and your family.
Each building has a specific occupancy as determined by the Alberta Building Code. The Occupancy as determined from the Alberta Building Code ensures that structure is used and approved for that specific purpose and ensures code requirements specifically related to that use are met. For example, a home does not have the same code requirements or restrictions as a gas station. A dentist office has different code requirements or needs then a learning center. A change in a building from one approved use to a different use may trigger the need for a building permit, if the occupancy under the Alberta Building Code changes. The change in classification is determined by a Safety Codes Officer in accordance with the National Building Code, Alberta Edition (NBC(AE)) 2019.
Often tiny homes are built on a permanent steel frame and wheels. If it is on wheels, it falls under the requirements for RV’s which are outside of our scope and jurisdiction. If it is something being constructed new and being moved for permanent use/not on wheels, then a building permit is required to relocate the home. If it is built by a company and sold and relocated, they require certification/labeling such as CSA. If it is stick built on site, it would be treated as new construction of a home and would need to meet all code requirements.
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