Sustainability is vital for any Municipality. A strong foundation is key to the continued growth and development of municipal or system development. Our team at Park Enterprises has withstood the test of time, by weathering the storms of economical, legislative, political, administrative, customer and personnel challenges. Our team has demonstrated ongoing loyalty and passion for the construction and safety code industry. Over the last 23 years, our company has experience great growth in our size, team, service area, experience and industry contribution. We have proven to be steadfast, respected and dependable partners. Communication and education are at the root of our delivery and unity as a team. Park Enterprises regularly invests resources into the development of our team’s knowledge, expertise and development. We hear the needs of our clients at a municipal level, contractor or homeowners. We adjust our process to meet their needs and address gaps in our delivery and those within the permitting system. We track issues to identify problems and issues, we develop and pilot process to test their effectiveness and we yield to the needs and objectives of our municipal partnerships. Our team has worked endlessly to breed solutions, strive for more and deliver the best. We take pride in the service we deliver and in the communities we serve. The needs, resources, limitations or goals of your municipality-become ours. We work alongside you to benefit from your knowledge and expertise, as we share and contribute ours. Partnership is built on trust and respect, knowledge and understanding. These qualities take time and it is our privilege to invest in your municipality, as we earn your trust and respect. As we gain deeper insight and understanding of the needs and direction of your municipality.

We welcome your feedback as we work together to continue building and developing a system that will continue to benefit and sustain your communities. We have heard the feedback and are working on systems that will increase your oversight of projects at a glance as well as our activity as your service delivery agents. We keep challenging ourselves and the industry as we are the voice of our partners, and with passion and pride give life to your frustrations, disappointments and areas of attention. Together we have made an impact and will continue to do so as we leverage and utilize the resources before us – our partnership.

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Mobile Cooking Operation Standata
Mobile Cooking Operation Standata
The following Standata was issued on May 18, 2018 – to provide uniform interpretation across all disciplines, to assist owners & operators of mobile cooking operations understand the minimum requirements
Safety Codes Council Conference
Safety Codes Council Conference
We are looking forward to attending the 25th annual Safety Code Council conference in Banff, to be held on May 30th – June 1st. Such items as changes to the

Parks’ professionalism and willingness to work with our resident and administration have shown that they are truly dedicated to ensuring that standards are met and development is safe. We thoroughly appreciate their expertise in helping us meet our responsibilities as an accredited municipality. 

J Bourelle - Director of Planning Services
Cardston County

The Town of Raymond has contracted with Park Enterprises for all our safety permit and inspection services since early 2011. We have been very pleased with the level of service they have offered. The office staff has a friendly, professional manner and the inspectors are knowledgeable and efficient.

P Searcy - Community Development Officer
Town of Raymond

Park Enterprises is receptive and adaptive to any comments regarding applications and processes the County has had. They also provide the County with new information regarding policies and regulations that are coming down from the provincial government. The County would highly recommend Park Enterprises Ltd. as a company that provides professional services and adheres to the current policies and regulations.

H Janzen - Senior Planner
Lethbridge County

The Town of Magrath has had a service contract since 2012 and have been very happy with their service. I have found Park Enterprises to be a professional organization and very helpful whenever we have contacted them. 

W Alston - Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Magrath

As a newly accredited authority to issue permits in 2011, initial training for County staff was provided by Park Enterprises. Park Enterprises has continued to provide support and education to both County staff and landowners. This first-rate support has helped the County deliver consistent and relevant safety codes services to landowners since 2011. 

A Wickert - Manager of Planning & Development
County of Newell

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