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Our team is passionate about development and improvement. Within our team and within the partnerships we value with our contractors, owners and municipalities. The following are samples of initiatives our team has developed and implemented with positive success. Contact our staff to learn more about these endeavors and their beneficial impact. These are unique to our team and demonstrate our investment and the trust instilled in our team by the Municipalities serve.

Development Permit Bridging the gap between development approval and permit issuance. Internal policy that is unique to our team.
Business License Supporting municipal process by coordinating permit issuance and approved business licensing.
Municipal Tracking Details Customization of input and obtaining specific information, customized to the internal municipal administration for ease of file flow & follow up.
Municipal Newsletter Quarterly newsletter to municipalities to assist with awareness of industry developments, changes, permitting activity within their community and efforts or their permitting partners.
Local Newsletter Contribution Monthly submissions for local municipal newsletters to ratepayers to assist with public education and regular presence.
Code Update Seminar Developed and hosted plumbing and gas code update seminar to certified installers to promote education and involvement, resulting in trust and compliance.
Information Bulletins Notices & changes circulated to contractors that are impacted to promote pro active dialogue and information.
Initial Site Inspection Additional process and inspection with private sewage permits to address industry issues impacting end compliance.
O&M Manual Process to ensure a private sewage system manual in kept with the property so current owners receive and are aware of system design & limitations and future owners receive the same vital information.
Additional Inspections Processes built to meet concerns of local contractors and municipal administration to ensure additional oversight.
Administrative Penalties Items tracked and additional fees calculated where a need was demonstrated. Ensuring consistency and accountability, ensuring value is delivered with permit fee and process.
New Home Buyer Protection Info Sessions When much frustration and confusion was voice, open house information sessions were arranged. Warranty providers & Alberta Municipal Affairs were invited to speak and address concerns of local municipalities and contractors we serve.
PSDS Site & Soil Day Educate and facilitate various industry stakeholders to increase understanding of on site septic systems-their complexity, value and demonstrating industry needs.
Permit Monitoring A unique process developed by our team to ensure all projects receive the required permits and inspections.
Scheduling A system built by our team, unique to our team to increase efficiency in the field and optimize resources and customers time and communication.
Asbestos Abatement Awareness Change in Alberta Building Code, information and documents created to promote awareness and involvement.
Deficiencies Transparent tracking and follow up to ensure timely correction or further action.
Door Knockers Tool developed to ensure transparency of site visits and prevent project delays. Now adopted at provincial level.
Development Permit Follow up Partnering with development to ensure projects with municipal approval received required permits.
Uncovering Work Process developed to create accountability and communication in order to deliver most value for permit fee and investment of resources of all party’s.
Website / Social Media Utilizing various technological developments to build on public awareness and engagement as well as streamlining permit and inspection process for the needs of those we serve.
Construction Compliance Certificate Process to ensure development and building conditions are met PRIOR to occupancy, increasing accountability and homeowner protection.

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