The team that makes up Park Enterprises is comprised of hardworking and dedicated men and women. We service a vast area in Southern and Central Alberta, which means we maintain a flexible attitude that enables us to adjust to the differing needs and circumstances of the homeowners we are able to serve. Your home and your projects are treated with respect and care by our team and assist you through the duration of your project.
At times the permitting process can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to begin. Daily, we assist homeowners to understand the steps they need to take and understand the process and how it pertains to them. Education and engagement are vital and our team takes great pride in assisting you to understand and appreciate the codes and requirements relating to your project. We have taken many steps to create various tools to make the permit and inspection process as easy as possible. Our team takes the time to provide personal attention to you and your needs, and have worked very hard to be a positive impact on the construction industry in Alberta. Your home and your community is important to us and we appreciate the trust instilled in our team to assist you through this process.
Homeowners are a vital component within the construction industry. The sustainability and protection of your resources is important to our team. We work to ensure accountability and promote safe and quality practices. We are honoured to serve homeowners and be your resource for assistance and information. The needs of your family, property and projects are important, as these facets are what make up the fabric of this industry. Your perspective and experience is unique and we are always open to receive your feedback and concerns. Thank you for your partnership and assistance as we work together to continue building processes and requirements to further assist your construction projects and the needs unique to you as a homeowner.

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Mobile Cooking Operation Standata
Mobile Cooking Operation Standata
The following Standata was issued on May 18, 2018 – to provide uniform interpretation across all disciplines, to assist owners & operators of mobile cooking operations understand the minimum requirements
Out Of Sight….For Now!
Out Of Sight….For Now!
What should or shouldn’t go down your toilet? What is your private sewage system or municipal system built to handle? Often we think if it fits down the toilet, the

We found the inspectors of Park Enterprises Ltd to be professional and thorough. They were also very accommodating regarding time lines when calling for an inspection. We were very please with their permits and inspection services and would recommend them to others.

R & J Hammell

Working with park enterprises has been a great experience every time. They are hard working and very dedicated to their job. I would recommend every one to use them!

T Indenbosch

At all times the staff were both friendly and helpful and dealt with my incessant questions in a professional and patient manner. This led to a smooth overall process and allowed me to correct any potential mishaps with my renovation before they happened. 

G Talbott

I found dealing with your company a total breath of fresh air. Every question I asked was answered completely and with an attitude that made me feel that everyone working there was happy with their job and wanted to help. 

H Hanlan

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