Park Enterprises Ltd. is a company founded on qualities such as integrity, hard work, tenacity and family. These values remain woven through our company and continue to drive our continued growth, expansion and initiatives. Our team operates as a body, with each member contributing something necessary and unique to our team. Together we function with unity and diversity. Not without our own challenges, these are met with a focus on communication, improvement and partnership. We believe and support in continued professional development and dignifying our team with continued opportunities and unique avenues to continue building their experience and skillset. With Park Enterprises Ltd., we demonstrate care and concern with all those that we serve and the way we operate on a daily basis, however this starts at home. Internally we demonstrate genuine compassion, interest and concern for fellow team mates and endeavour to support an environment that feels like home and a safe place to operate and grow.

“Inspections by People Who Care!” is the cornerstone of our direction and drive. Our team as individuals manifest this concern in the company and outside our office to the people we serve. We strive for excellence and are proud to say that is a result of the team members that shape our Agency. A company built with excellence creates a diverse, ambitious and genuine group of people. Park Enterprises and our objectives are more than a job – it is a mindset, attitude and source of great pride and satisfaction. It is
our home, it is our family.

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I enjoy working for Park Enterprises, a company that strives to provide excellent customer service and diligence as a permit issuing authority. We all work as a team with continued communication between inspectors and staff across all disciplines to ensure each customer is treated with fairness and consistency.

M Statema
Building Safety Codes Officer

Management is caring, understanding and willing to work with everyone to do their absolute best personally and professionally. Everyone is willing to help and train each other so we can all improve and be the best we can at delivering quality service to our customers.

D Watmough
Permit Issuer

I have worked at Park Enterprises for almost 2 years now, and I really enjoy the family feeling and the support everyone shows to each other.

D Imesch
Electrical Safety Codes Officer

Working for Park Enterprises is my dream job. It is the first career that I had that even on my bad days, I still want to go to work with a smile on my face! My co-workers are all willing to lend an ear or give me advice when I need it. Thanks Park Enterprises for making this the best job ever.

S Hirose
Plumbing, Gas & Private Sewage SCO

I enjoy working with a group of people who are truly a team and believe in what we are doing and providing “Inspections by People Who Care!”

A Fox
General Manager

Park Enterprises offers an amazing work environment! This is truly a team that cares about doing as much as possible for every person that comes through the doors, phone or email. Working with this group of people make it easy for me to deliver the best costumer care that I can, as I know they always have my back and will help with anything needed.

T Gulbrandsen
Inspection Processor

I enjoy working at Park Enterprises as it has become an extended family to me. Regardless of personal or professional challenges, I know I have the support of my team members that work together to help each other grow as individuals and as a whole. The opportunities I have been able to take advantage of, have provided experience second to none.

N Paggett
Partnership Manager

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