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The Company

For over 20 years, our unyielding devotion to delivering the best customer service and positive contribution to the safety code industry has enabled us to set an unparalleled high standard of service. We strive to continually improve, evaluate and develop methods to increase efficiency, value, transparency, and accountability. Development of education initiatives have assisted in building understanding, trust and partnerships. Our work and support of homeowners, contractors, Municipalities, provincial governing bodies and other industry stakeholders has resulted in positive growth and impact on this industry. This has provided our team with a provincially recognized and respected reputation.

Our team is comprised of nearly 20 hardworking men and women with hundreds of years of combined experience in the construction industry. We look forward to the changes, improvements and opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to build on our experience, knowledge and endeavors to continually strive to be unique and provide you with the best, to be the best!

Vision & Mission

Our objective and motivation is to address industry issues, trends and concerns as well as provide the best service and local delivery of safety codes for the municipalities we serve. We strive to challenge ourselves to be on the cutting edge of innovation; our multiple pilot programs attest to our pro-active approach to our industry. We value education and invest in our team, in the people and communities that we serve and partnerships we build.


Park Enterprises began as a small idea on the living room floor of it’s founders-Joe & Linda Park. Soon an office space was acquired and Park Enterprises was born as a fully accredited permit and inspection agency. Although uphill and with many obstacles along the way, the initial seed planted has grown into a strong, well rooted and resilient company. The team at Park Enterprises has grown into an extended family for Joe & Linda, where “Inspections by People Who Care!”, begins at home-within our team. The loyalty that Park Enterprises was founded on is shared by those who make up our team and is felt by those we serve.

Going Forward

With many goals and objectives on the horizon, Park Enterprises continues to grow and develop. Looking back on the distance we’ve come and appreciating the values on which this company was founded-with these we are driven forward to continue to achieve our goals and provide Albertans with the best team and oversight in the safety code industry!


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