Private Sewage Disposal System Permit Application


Please ensure the following  information is submitted with your application:

    • Topography- vegetation and surface drainage characteristics incl. slope gradient
    • Surface waters, rock outcrops & other natural features impacting the application of system
    • Soil Profile from min. two excavated soil pits to a depth of 9ft including:
      • Horizons
      • Depth
      • Soil Color
      • Grade
      • Texture
      • Structure
      • Consistence
      • Compaction
      • Saturated Zones
      • Bedrock and near impermeable soil layers
      • Depth to water table or saturated seasonal
      • Restricting Horizons
    • Address & Legal description of the property
    • Date & time of day evaluation was performed, & weather conditions
    • Plan of Property including distance to:
      • All property boundaries and dimensions
      • Buildings, roads, driveways & other property improvements existing & proposed
      • Existing easements
      • Wells on property or adjacent property within 50m or 100m if lagoon proposed
      • Topography of proposed treatment site incl. surface waters, drainage features
      • Soil pit locations
      • Tank size, working capacity incl filter and alarm
      • Dose tank, treatment plant, or any applicable combination
    • Statement regarding treatment capability & dispersal capacity
    • Design showing type of system being installed, including applicable size, length, treatment area and materials used (ie: 26″ chambers with filter cloth)
    • Summary of limiting conditions
    • Description of development being serviced including:
      • Determination of peak & average wastewater flows
      • Daily wastewater flow volume used in design
      • Anticipated influent wastewater strength

    Check out the design tools and forms on Alberta Municipal Affairs Website

Download (PDF, 341KB)