When should we call for an inspection?

Each municipality will have specific rules as to timing for an inspection, but here are some basic guidelines.


Foundation: prior to backfill, footings and wall poured, forms removed, weeping tile, washed rock and damp proofing applied

Framing / HVAC prior to drywall: foundation backfilled, walls framed, floors and roof completed, mechanical and electrical rough-ins complete, heating ducts installed, exterior doors and windows installed, outside plywood and exterior wrap complete, insulation and vapour barrier started or complete, manufacturer’s floor and truss layout and specifications are on site.

Final: prior to occupancy, drywall and paint complete, interior finishing complete, handrails in place, exterior penetrations sealed, plumbing and electrical complete (including fixtures), heating/ventilation system installed and ductwork complete, smoke alarms installed, all safety items complete, all items from previous inspection reports or plans examination complete.

Building Permit Form


Rough-in: prior to drywall, all wire and boxes installed and visible, main service installed, bonding and grounding complete,

Final: prior to occupancy, all load devices and switches installed and operational, smoke detectors installed, panel labeled.

Electrical Permit Application Form


Rough in below grade: prior to covering all drain/sewer lines installed


Rough in above grade: prior to covering all drain lines installed, all vent stacks installed, all water lines installed


Final: prior to occupancy all fixtures installed and operational

Plumbing Permit Application Form


Final: prior to occupancy, all gas piping installed, pressure test completed, gas meter hung, appliances firing

Gas Permit Application Form


Rough in: Prior to backfilling of dirt, majority of system installed

Private Sewage Disposal System Permit Form