Accreditation – Why does it Matter?

Many municipalities and councilors are unsure of what the Accreditation process is or the importance of it or feel unsure of the responsibility that may come with it. There is a partnership group from Alberta Municipal Affairs that supports you through this decision making process and mentors you to explain and alleviate any hesitation or queries you or your council may have. Their responsibility is to support and educate you and the municipality to help you make an informed decision that is best suited for your municipality and your rate payers. The members of this partnership group daily work with municipalities in aiding them to become the cornerstone in a safe and pro-active municipality. Their skill and experience would be a valuable asset to tap into; we would strongly urge you to take advantage of this most beneficial resource.

Accreditation for an agency like ourselves or as a municipality is an agreement of accountability to the safety delivery process. Many are under the impression that accreditation only involves the permit and inspection process but this is inaccurate.  There are many other facets and components involved such as compliance monitoring and the enforcement process. Some tend to shy away from this process as it may appear overwhelming or unnecessary; however the safety delivery process in your municipality is nothing to shy away from or to brush off responsibility because it may feel too heavy to bear. As a municipality, as councilors; much responsibility rests on your shoulders and accreditation allows you to become pro-active and to share that load.

Accreditation is a powerful link in understanding and improving development. Developing a partnership with an agency is key to knowing what is going on in your municipality to ensure safety for not only the residents, neighbors but also enables any emergency staff to do their job and know what to expect when all projects are documented, inspected and monitored properly. The County will have easy access to all previous, current and pending projects and with inspectors visiting each and every site we can easily verify the contents of every building ensuring harmony and accuracy from preliminary development down to final occupancy and assists you in meeting your MGA requirements.

As mentioned previously, any of the representatives from Alberta Municipal Affairs Partnership Group would be more than willing to come down and present to council more information and assist in evaluating the benefits of this course of action. Feel free to contact Alex Morrison at 1-866-421-6929 for more information.

Park Enterprises believe in the value of change, and has seen the value of accreditation and the impact in our rural communities of Southern Alberta. We are available to assist through this accreditation process to continue to advance safety awareness in our local community.