Single Family Dwellings

Requirement List for New Single-Family Dwellings

The following is a checklist of information and supporting materials that are required in order to properly review the building permit application.

Copy of Development Approval and Detailed Site Plan

Completed Building Permit Application Form

Two (2) complete sets of building plans (to scale) which include:

  • Dimensions of proposed building
  • Structural Cross-section showing foundation and exterior wall details
    • Construction details of foundation, walls, floors, roof and finishes.
  • Floor plans of each floor including area
    • Foundation plan showing footing and foundation details
    • Load-bearing walls, footings and pads
    • Floor plans showing room sizes, use of space, window & door sizes
  • Elevation plans of each side of proposed building including heights
  • Engineered Floor & Roof Truss designs


Building Permit Fee

Safety Codes Council levy


FOUNDATION – PRIOR TO BACKFILL – Damp-proofing complete, weeping tile and washed rock in place.

FRAMING – Windows & doors installed, roof shingled and stairs in place.

FINAL – PRIOR TO OCCUPANCY – Construction complete (Exterior and interior), handrails & guards in place, HVAC complete & smoke alarms working.