Mobile Homes, RTM’s and Manufactured Homes

Requirement List for Mobile Homes, RTM’s and Manufactured Homes

The following is a checklist of information and supporting materials that are required in order to properly review the building permit application.

Copy of Development Approval and Detailed Site Plan

CSA & AMA Certification Numbers

Completed Building Permit Application Form

Two (2) complete sets of building plans (to scale) which include:

  • Floor plan with the total area
    • Height to underside of unit (minimum 24”), Access panel (20” x 28”)
  • Site Preparation
    • Compacted granular fill, ground cover,
  • Structural Cross-section with specifications – Anchorage
    • Ground auger type, concrete deadman,
    • Skirting (vertical vinyl), Ventilation 1 in 500 square feet
  • Foundation plan
    • Wood crib piers, Reinforced concrete piles/pads, Helical screw piles
  • Elevation plans of each side of proposed building

Other requirements

Both exits shall have landings, stairs, guards and handrails

Vent clothes dryer to the exterior

Decks & Additions shall have an independent foundation.


Building Permit Fee

Safety Codes Council levy

See attached copy of CSA Z 240.10.1-94: Site Preparation, Foundation and Anchorage of Mobile Homes.

Inspections – Call to arrange for a FINAL INSPECTION.