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Joe Park

Joe is an Electrical Safety Codes Officer (SCO). Joe received his journeyman papers in 1972 and became a Master Electrician in 1985. After spending more than 30 years in the construction industry, Joe decided to broaden his career path and become a Safety Codes Officer in the Electrical field. He received his training in Calgary and soon after started a permitting and inspection agency; Park Enterprises Ltd. Over the years Joe has worked diligently and watched his local homegrown business expand from a two person business to now consisting of numerous SCO’s in each discipline and several administration staff covering southern Alberta. Joe is dedicated to the safety of Albertans and is proud to own and operate a permitting agency that delivers, “Inspections by People who Care!”


Linda Park





Roger Miles – Building Inspector

Roger is a Building Safety Codes Officer (SCO). Roger has his level II designation (Building Classifications A,C,D,E & F2, F3; up to 3 storey) He also has qualifications beyond the requirement of Level II Building SCO. Roger and his family have resided in their home in Taber, Alberta for many years.  Roger has been active as a draftsperson/Engineer and became an SCO since 1980. Roger chose to remain devoted to his interest in the construction industry by becoming a Safety Codes Officer, and enjoys this responsibility and continual learning process to this day.  Roger enjoys interacting with the public and assisting in education to ensure the longevity and safety of public’s projects.


Al Goodman-Building Inspector





Nick Stebanuk-Electrical Inspector

Nick began in the electrical trade in 1972. After his apprenticeship was completed, Nick began his own electrical contracting company which was in operation for 26 years. Nick began in the Safety Codes Officer field 3 1/2 years ago, and has enjoyed this occupation change very much. Nick enjoys being available to assist his customers and being able to answer their electrical questions. The satisfaction of working with his appreciative clients continues to motivate Nick to deliver reliable and efficient service.



John Halvorson-Electrical Inspector

John was born and raised in southern Alberta and has lived his entire life in this area. John and his wife Marilee, have raised four children and will soon have twelve grandkids of whom we are very proud of. John has been in the electrical trade since 1978. He received his Masters certification in 1987 and his Safety Codes Officer designation in 2011. John is proud to be an Electrician and looks forward to working with the residents in southern Alberta. John loves meeting new people and is more than willing to assist his customers with any electrical questions or concerns.



Don Case-Plumbing, Gas, Private Sewage Inspector

Don is a Plumbing, Gas and Private Sewage Safety Codes Officer. He was raised in the Calgary area where he was able to start his apprenticeship in the plumbing, gas and private sewage industry. He spent many years with new installations and repairs for residential to large scale commercial and industrial projects. Don continued to feed his love for the trades industry by obtaining several other certifications including welding, brazzing, crane signaling and more. In 1971 Don opened his own business and with his knowledge, experience and strong work ethic, he maintained a successful and thriving business for many years until an injury forced him to slow down and close his business. Don took an opportunity to work for the Government of Alberta as a trade supervisor until 14 years later they privatized all departments including inspection services.  The advancements and changes in the codes with continued innovations, science, technology and advancements continue to challenge Don and keep his responsibilities interesting! Don finds his job in the field to be a rewarding one in working with many excellent associates from the various Towns, Municipalities, contractors, designers, industry regulators and more.

Tom Knull-Plumbing, Gas, Private Sewage Inspector

 Tom Knull started out with his plumbing and gas fitting apprenticeship in Vulcan, Alberta. After several years in Vulcan, he and his family relocated to Bow Island and started working with a plumbing and gas fitting company out of Medicine Hat, AB. After dedicating over 4 years there, he started his own plumbing and gas fitting company in Bow Island. After approximately 10 years of owning and operating his own company, Tom saw the opportunity to join Park Enterprises as a Plumbing, Gas and Private Sewage Safety Codes Officer. The same organizational skills, strong work ethic, attention to detail and customer service attitudes that made him successful in business are appreciated as he interacts with contractors and homeowners as a Safety Codes Officer.


Mark Makin-Plumbing, Gas, Private Sewage Inspector





Kai Thomas

Kai has resided in Southern Alberta for 22 years and has worked with accounting for 21 years. She successfully obtained her Accelerated Accounting certification in April 2011, and has been with Park Enterprises since November of 2006. At Park Enterprises, Kai is responsible for our reporting, legal issues, and accounts receivable.



Carol Fox

Carol and her young family moved to Alberta from Nova Scotia in 1980 and has resided in Lethbridge since that time. She and her husband have been involved in the construction industry for the 36 years they have been married. She has two grown sons and in 2011 became a proud grandmother. She started with Park Enterprises in September of 2007 as a permit issuer. As the company grew her duties have evolved. She now serves as the Office coordinator and completes the paperwork necessary to complete permits that have been deemed satisfactory.



Kahlaya Superkoski

Kahlaya was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta. She loves the outdoors, music and spending time with her family. Kahlaya joined Park Enterprises in 2009. She finds enjoyment in her job as she contributes to a team effort and likes values the Park Enterprises environment and atmosphere!




Dana enjoyed growing up in the city of Lethbridge and has raised her two daughters here. She has been a member of the Park Enterprises family since march 2012. Although new to Park Enterprises, she has enjoyed working with all members of the team and learning from them. With a history of customer service, Dana enjoys working with the public and assisting them with their questions and concerns. She find the various aspects of the permitting process, codes and standards to be interesting and the variety of challenges that arise and working to find amicable solutions. We look forward to continuing to work with Dana and the contribution she makes to the Park Enterprises team.


Nicole Paggett

Nicole moved to Lethbridge from her home in Saskatchewan 6 years ago. Growing up on a family farm, construction was always something of interest to Nicole as she was always busy with the various responsibilities of farm life and enjoyed the satisfaction of working with your hands. Nicole spent many years in the Health Care industry and her passion for people and making a difference came with her as she joined Park Enterprises in April 2008. Nicole joined the Park team as a permit issuer with reception duties. Over the years her responsibilities have grown to include company representative and enjoys working with various municipalities in continuing to refine and improve service delivery and permitting regulations and standards.