About Us

Inspections by People who Care!

Park Enterprises Ltd. is a Lethbridge owned Accredited Agency that has been in business since 1996.  In the summer of 1996 Park became a Limited company. Our agency has continued to grow at a steady rate. Beginning as an Electrical Agency, the Building, Plumbing, Gas and PSDS disciplines were added soon after. We became a fully accredited agency by 1997. In 2011 we added the Fire discipline to our list of credentials.

Our team originally started in a small office on 12th Ave N in the Industrial area of Lethbridge but as the years passed and our family and team continued to grow and we needed to explore other options. In the fall of 2009 we purchased a bay in a new developing area on W.T. Hill Blvd S in the very East end of Lethbridge with easy access from Hwy #3. We developed our bay with offices to suit our expanding needs and we continue in our new home to present.

Our team is made up of our Safety Codes officers and our office staff. We currently employ 4 Building Inspectors, 3 Electrical Inspectors, 3 Plumbing, Gas and Private Sewage Inspectors, and 2 of our Safety Codes Officers are certified in the Fire discipline. Our office team is comprised of 5 office staff and our office manager. Each of our inspectors brings with them a storehouse of experience and knowledge for their prospective disciplines. Every employee brings with them a passion and dedication to their job and the safety of our customers, this results in an agency that values honesty, hard work and dedication!

The focus of our agency is safety. What sets us apart from other agencies is how our concern for safety is achieved. With our genuine, caring and dedicated staff we treat every customer and every project as if it was our own. Our team sincerely cares about the people and families that will be living in the homes that are being built, that will be using the systems being permitted and we work with our clients to come to the most effective solution to ensure safety is being met. We pride ourselves in the distance we go to service our customers. Whether it’s getting a permit issued and sent off in time for your utility connection, the personal interest in our customers and their projects, our timely inspections, or our inspectors making special trips for your inspections so nothing gets delayed-every step we take is motivated by our care and passion for our clientele. “Inspections by people who care!”

As an agency we support the continuing education of  our inspectors and our our office staff. The office staff has a strong working knowledge of the industry and what is required to begin the permitting process and assist our customers every step of the way in informing them of what is required, cautions and what step to take next. Our inspectors and office staff are informed and have a strong working knowledge of our Quality Management Plan and upon contracting with the County of Lethbridge; our staff will immediately brought up to date and familiar with an agreed upon Quality Management Plan. We continue to partake in educational courses dealing with supervisory skills, customer service, time management, working with differing personalities and so on. Our team feels that training and education is the first key to success and therefore will invest any time necessary in training personnel with the various municipalities that we serve.

These close partnerships are beneficial to all who use our services, putting the focus on safe and compliant projects and easing the permitting process for our customers.  Let our trained team make your project safe and compliant!